The TRUST Children’s Home was set up by Thirumaran after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, to look after children made destitute and/or orphaned by this disaster. It has since taken in others who have no alternative means of support.

It is in a rural location in the village of Vengadampatty, Tirunelveli District in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India.

The home makes no distinction between religions or castes – still an issue in rural areas in spite of legislation. The children are provided with food, shelter, clothing, education and a programme of activities including sewing, computing, taekwondo and dance, by a small group of support workers.

Twelve years on, it is wonderful to see Thirumaran's dream come true, with around 85 children cared for, loved and given an education. The difference in the children is immediately obvious. They are no longer individual children from disparate backgrounds, linked only by their need for protection. They are a family. They have support, love, and a bright future.

Visits from volunteers, as we were, are welcomed. Thirumaran, his family and the children in the home are incredibly warm and welcoming and all the volunteers we know about have had a great time. Do contact us if you would like to know more about volunteering there.

As well as the home, TRUST also operates a free ambulance service to transport local people to the government hospital. They organise first aid training, blood donation opportunities and initiate and support self-help projects for local women.

None of this would be possible without Thirumaran's boundless energy. The home is supported by a worldwide group of individual supporters and local well-wishers, but has no government funding. TRUST is registered in India as a charitable trust able to receive foreign contributions.

Despite constant worry over where the next rupee will come from and seemingly innumerable hurdles to overcome, Thirumaran never loses hope. He estimates that it costs about £437 to support each child, each year and presently there are 85 of them! This includes everything from food to school fees and equipment. It works out to just £1.20 per child per day!

Our UK support group for the TRUST Children’s Home has been set up to enable us and our friends to help provide regular help for these children. We hope that with your help we will be able to provide some financial security and allow Thirumaran to focus his efforts both on bringing up his, now extended, family, and improving the quality of life of others within the local community. We hope that if we can gain enough regular support to cover the immediate and urgent ongoing needs of the home, we can then encourage investment of the money into local initiatives which will, over time, give a return and provide a more sustainable method of funding for the home.

TRUSTchildren support group UK is recognised as charitable by HMRC, which enables your contributions to be GiftAided. Quite small sums can make a real difference and small but regular donations from a number of us can be accumulated by our charity and transferred cost effectively.

Please consider holding small fund raising events to support TRUSTchildren. We can hold the money raised and send it to Thirumaran when enough has been accumulated. No contributions are too small - all will help!

How about a sponsored event? We can help by enabling your donors to GiftAid their contributions as well as by providing suitable sponsor forms and by providing the organisation to transfer the money to TRUSTchildren.

You can really help with a regular donation, however small. If you can afford £5-£15 each month that would be wonderful, but a regular donation of just £2-£3 a month will make a real difference to the children.

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