Trustees of our Support Group are elected by the existing body. They all live in the UK and have a personal connection with the TRUST Children's Homes.  If you would like to be considered for election as a Trustee, please get in touch with us.

Current Trustees are:

Richard D'Silva

(Treasurer and first contact with the Support Group) My family have been supporting TRUST since my daughter Becca stayed with Thirumaran and his family during a gap year in 2005. Having retired, my wife and I visited for four nights in May 2009 and I returned determined to redouble my efforts to support Thirumaran and the Children's Home.  This Support Group, set up and run by visitors to TRUST Children's Homes, is the result.

Chrissie Evans

I have been involved with TRUST Children's Home since visiting with Richard's daughter Becca in 2007. The home left a lasting impression on me, and I am delighted that this support group exists to assist the running of it. It has been wonderful to see how it has grown over the years and I look forward to the support it may provide in the years to come.

Kat Manchip

I went out to TRUST with another university friend during the summer of 2009. To say I was inspired by the place would be the biggest understatement of my life! It is the most positive, loving place I've ever been to. We came home and immediately booked a place to run the Paris marathon to try and raise money. At the same time we also got in touch with Richard and formed a UK based support charity for TRUST.
TRUSTchildren Support Group UK has really grown. It is wonderful to see things continue to develop, and to be involved with the process.

Ralph James

I visited twice in 2012, April and August, after my son Finn's visit in January. I helped to start the building project for the new Boy's Home that was required so that boys and girls could be accommodated separately.

Beatrice Gallivan

I visited TRUST Children's Home for three months, from February - June 2012. While I was there I taught English and other subjects at TRUST India School in the village, and went to the Children's home in the evenings to play, study and eat with the children. I also visited other local schools, hospitals, other public charity functions, the law Courts and taught English speaking and writing to an older man for an hour a few times each week.

Emily D'Silva

I have been involved in supporting TRUST since my sister, Becca, visited whilst the first Children's Home was being built in 2005. My first visit, however, wasn't until April 2011 by which time Thirumaran and the children already felt like extended family. Spending time with the children is always a delight, and it is a pleasure to be a Trustee of the Support Group as we work to raise awareness and continued support for TRUST. 

Finn James

I first visited the Children’s Home back in 2012 for two weeks, where I spent time with both the children and the staff. I helped out with teaching English and Maths whilst on my visit. I have enjoyed watching the TRUST Children’s Home develop and grow to be able to home more children over the past years. I’m hoping to go back to visit in the near future.