Well we did it, and what's more both of us really enjoyed it! Kat completed it in 4 hours 2 mins and I did it in 4 hours 15 mins. It was such an amazing experience and we are definitely planning to do another marathon at some point - maybe Rome!

We also did the breakfast run on the Saturday morning with my Dad, Philip Matchwick, for which we also received sponsorship, many thanks for the money drummed up by Wendy Kissack and Philip Matchwick for that, I think that accounted for at least an extra £600!

So on to the important bit, how much have we raised?? According to our JustGiving website we are on £4798 but we can safely say the final total will be over £5000 as a fair few offline donations have not been added. We will wait for a final total after we've sent all the cheques to Richard/ gathered up the cash from different sources - thanks to everyone who has been collecting money for us. We have had such a huge amount of support and it is so appreciated, we really couldn't have done it on our own.

Once the final total is known it will be posted up here.

Finally our JustGiving account is open until the end of May so if anyone has not got round to donating or would like to now we've actually completed it (blisters, cuts, twisted ankles and all) the opportunity to give money online is available for another month.