There was a sponsored walk, partly in aid of TRUST, around the churches of the Winterborne Valley and Milton Abbas benefice on Saturday 15 May 2010.

Many thanks to those who took part and to their sponsors. Almost £400 was raised and this has now been transferred to the TRUST Children's Home in India. It will be used to buy bags of rice in bulk and so will contribute to the children's meals for some time.  Thirumaran writes: "Please give my thanks to the loving members of the Winterborne Valley Church for the financial support of £400 to help our children."

ricebagsOn 8 October Thirumaran wrote:

"We are happy to inform you all that we have stored rice bags for the nest 5 months. This is like the ants storing for the rainy season! Kindly accept our thanks on behalf of our loving kids.
It is really great and surprising for our kids that they are receiving help like this for their livelihood.
It will be great for them if some of you visit them in the near future.
Long live
With love and respect
Principal Servant
TRUST Children Home