GirlsSittingGroupOur experience volunteering at TRUST has been incredible.

Thirumaran, Shanti and their family were so welcoming on our arrival, and made us feel at home very quickly; Shanti’s cooking was amazing!

We spent our time teaching English at TRUST India school most mornings through an array of methods including repetition, writing, rhymes and dance. It was so rewarding to see them learn new words and phrases and progress through each week.

We then tended to spend each afternoon and evening split between the Girls Home and the Boys Home. We spent a lot of time painting a wall at the Boys Home with a jungle scene that they love, and we also made a handprint wall that they enjoyed getting involved with. We played a lot of cricket and chatted to the boys, and we tended to dance, sing and play games outside with the girls, as well as having lovely chats with the older girls.

It has been an amazing experience bonding with all the children, and it is very special that one can make a connection with children who don’t speak your language. We were touched with how happy the children were, and it was very interesting to be immersed in a new culture very different from our own.

Thirumaran organised so much for us which was very kind of him. We took part in ‘a human chain to help eradicate child labour’ which involved all the TRUST children and some locals lining up on the side of the road of the nearest town and holding many signs related to the subject. We also helped to organise an environmental trip to the river with the children. Both the sub collector of the surrounding area and an environmentalist came along to speak about why protecting the environment is so crucial, and we also said a few words about climate change. The majority of the children had never been to a river before so it was a lovely sight seeing them all swimming!

Saying goodbye to the children was the most difficult part. Our time at TRUST flew by, and we hope the children will remember us as they progress through their lives. We wish we could have taken them all home with us!

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