Some boys posing with their flowersI have just (Feb 2015) returned from a visit to TRUST and it is heartening to meet the happy children and to discuss progress and future needs with Thirumaran.

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The children are thriving - although there was an outbreak of chicken pox affecting a handful of children while I was there and, inevitably, more have caught the infection since.  There are now 75 children in total, 43 girls in the original Children's Home and 32 boys in the Boys' Home, and a staff of 15.  The staff include a Superintendent, Housemother/warden, cooks, cleaner, watchman/gardener, office administrator and driver - most duplicated for each home.
Two boys Girls at the Children's Home, posing on the Raj TV stage

 • The Boys' Home, made possible by a generous donation, is now thoroughly established. There's been lots of planting, for shade and for crops. All the boys tend their own coconut sapling, watering it with the water they have used for washing so that even in the drought the little water available has been well used.  Many of the boys have also planted their own plot with flowers and vegetables and made the water go even further.
The pictures show the transformation over two years (Nov 2012, Nov 2013 and Feb 2015) and a typical vegetable/flower plot.
Building the Boys' Home - Nov 2012 Boys' Home - Nov 2013 Boys' Home - Feb 2015 Washing clothes and watering plants

 • The new well at the Boys' Home is full of water.  It is a big hole (about 36ft x 36 ft x 50ft deep) and so stores a great deal of water.  Digging this, too, was made possible by generous donations.  The arrival of good rain last autumn, ending the worst drought in living memory, has made the bore holes productive once again and has filled up the wells.  The availability of water has made the growing of crops and the keeping of livestock possible once again.
Existing hole (Nov 2013), now deepened to create the well Digging the well during the drought, June 2014 Boys' Home well Feb 2015. Scaffolding to build protective wall.

 • With water available once again there is a cow at the Children's Home, providing a little of the milk needed for the girls, also its (male) calf which will eventually be sold and two (female) calves at the Boys' Home which will eventually provide more of the milk needed each day. The children are involved in looking after these animals and, in a small way, they increase the sustainability of the Children's Homes.
Cow and calf at the Children's Home Milking the Children's Home cow Two calves at the Boys' Home

Your regular support provided by monthly standing orders as well as collections and one-off gifts continues to sustain the children.  Thirumaran is enormously grateful for your involvement, your interest and your financial support and you make possible a project which enables these 75 children to be happy, loved, educated and look forward to a future which would not be possible for them without TRUST. Thank you!
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Capital projects have been made possible by generous donations from individuals and Trusts. The Boys' Home and the well there are the most recent examples but the creation of the original Children's Home and its development into the thriving home for the girls was also made possible by capital sums for the original buildings.

 The current need for a capital sum is for a vehicle or vehicles.  Eleven years ago an ambulance was provided by a supporter and it has enabled Thirumaran to provide a fantastic free Ambulance Service for the local rural community for all of these eleven years.  It has taken people to hospital every week since then, locals and children from TRUST alike.  Hospitals provide the Primary Care in India so this is not just for emergencies but allows the local poor access to a doctor for less serious illness as well.  The ambulance has broken down, the cost of repair is high and after eleven busy years it would be ideal if it were possible to replace it.  This would cost about £9,000.
If you might be able to help or if you know of a Trust to whom application might be made, please could you send us an email via the Contact us link.
Ambulance Ambulance Ambulance

Possibly more urgent (as far as the children are concerned) is for a Jeep Type vehicle for the collection each evening of vegetables from the local small town to feed the children the next day.  At the moment, Thirumaran is using his small car.  But now there are 90 children and staff to feed each day and the weight of vegetables needed is too much for it!  A Jeep could also be used for transporting children when needed.  This would cost about £5,500 (petrol) to £9,000 (diesel).  Diesel fuel is about half the cost of petrol so the running costs would be a great deal less.
If you might be able to help or if you know of a Trust to whom application might be made, please could you send us an email via the Contact us link.
Thirumaran's small car at his home Delivering vegetables from Thirumaran's small car

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