PosterAfter volunteering at TRUST Children Home, Stephanie travelled to Africa and climbed to the top of the highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, to raise funds for the children at TRUST.

Stephanie writes: "The week was really enjoyable, beautiful scenery every day. We started on day 1 walking through the rainforest and high into the clouds. Day 2 was alpine moorland, with fewer trees and shrubs but a steep ascent. Day 3 we began in the semi desert, leading into desert with scrub land and volcanic rocks around the landscape. Day 4 and day 5 were acclimatisation walks to prepare for summit day. And then at midnight at the start of day 6, after only 4 hrs sleep, we began the ascent. It was steep and rocky and freezing cold. We were particularly unlucky with the conditions that night as the wind was very strong making walking difficult and even colder. Even with 4 layers on top and bottom, I was frozen! But after a gruelling 6.5hrs we made it to the summit in time for the most spectacular sunrise!

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Here is a picture from the summit (proof!) and one of the banner that you (Thirumaran) had made, taken just above base camp at 4600m the afternoon before the summit (I'm the one in purple, my sister in black!)  The third photo is of me receiving my certificate from Emanuel, who organised my trek.

Thank you to all my generous supporters! My target of £1000 has been reached.
If you would like to contribute, my page can be found at until the end of September!

While I was volunteering, the first part of the sponsorship was transferred and spent on providing bunk beds for some of the boys in the new TRUST Boys Home. Before this they slept on the floor. Your support really makes a difference :-)

Since I have returned, news of the severe drought in the region has meant that the second part of your generous contributions have been diverted to help provide drinking water for the children. Again, your support has made a very real and immediate difference. Thank you.

You can read about the drought by clicking here.