Zoom screenThirumaran had the great idea of connecting UK supporters and volunteers with TRUST though a Zoom call!

OpeningGirlsHostelincluding the opening of the Girls' Hostel and reflections from two volunteers

GirlsSittingGroupOur experience volunteering at TRUST has been incredible.

Questions at TisburyThirumaran visits the UK to meet friends and supporters of TRUST Children's Homes

Christmas Gifts - bearHandmade gifts sold to support TRUST children

The Girls - March 2017Three trustees of our Support Group have visited the Children's Homes in the past months and returned with first hand impressions and understanding.

Girls GroupIt was a transformational experience for us all – undoubtedly the highlight of our 6 weeks in India!

Extra dormitory space is now being built at the Boys' Home. Grateful thanks to the supporters who have made this possible.

Some boys posing with their flowersI have just (Feb 2015) returned from a visit to TRUST and it is heartening to meet the happy children and to discuss progress and future needs with Thirumaran.

Thirumaran at work at homeTRUST (Thirumaran Rural Upliftment Stable Trust) is much more than just the Children's Homes - although they are a very significant part of Thirumaran's work in the rural community.