As well as the TRUST Children Home, Thirumaran has been active as a blood donor and started a "Blood Donors Club" in 1987. Blood donations organised by this group have now saved 116,000 lives and this achievement is about to be recorded as a "world record".


Thirumaran writes: "Even though I have been involved in social activities, my major service is “Blood Donation”. I started the “Blood Donors Club” along with my eleven friends on 12-12-1987. Now we have saved one lakh sixteen thousand lives during various situations, surgeries and emergencies. This becomes possible by uniting students, workers, women folk, educationalists, farmers, daily labourers, drivers and all. Thanks to the people cooperated with me.

"This blood donation service is about to be recorded as a 'world record' and I hope it will happen within July, 2011. All formalities, paper submission, verification, cross checking, enquiries and documentation have been finished.

The Chief Minister of Pondicherry has invited me in person to appreciate our blood donation services. The important thing is first time we have created this record.

"I am happy with my life. I am satisfied that I have done something for the society."