Malathi hopes to become a doctor

Thirumaran writes: Malathi scored 440 marks out of 500 in her 10th public exams. This is great. She wants to become a doctor and serve the community in future. Now she had been admitted in the same school for 11th standard. If she continues her hard work she will have a bright future.

We invited her to our house and presented a memento to encourage her.





We had our dinner with the children and really the feeling of both the sides are good. Our work just putting smiles on the faces of the lovely kids and we have done that on the day. They are believing strongly that there are some people for them in their life. We have “wheat rava” with sugar.




meet_grandmother1The children meet Thirumaran's grandmother
Just for a change we have brought kids to our house and they spent time with us. Also they met our grandmother and she prayed for them. The kids were given “lime juice” prepared by our children.