A major part of the funds raised as a result of Kat and Allie's sponsored Paris Marathon are to be used to improve the water supply for the TRUST Children's Home.

As a direct result of the generosity of Kat and Allie's sponsors, water will enable cultivation of vegetables and coconuts for the children's home kitchen, more papaya trees can be grown in the land and we can put an end to water scarcity in the home.

This project is now under way and Thirumaran reports:

The state government will provide free electricity for pumping water for agricultural purposes. This water can first be used for washing, cleaning, showering, cooking, drinking and it can then be passed on to the plants and trees.

5 July: I sit to write to you after a visit to the land around the well. Myself, a plumber, an electrician, a mason and two agriculture experts came with me and we had a long discussion about the works and the implementation of our project.

Tomorrow we will get the certificate from the village Administrative Officer and then proceed to the Registrar Office for getting the map of the land and finally to submit all these to the Electricity Board with the filled up form and money for the deposit. I believe that we can finish that within this week. Then their formal visits, arranging electrical poles to bring the electricity near our land and other things will happen.

(The rough map shows the location of the land and well in relation to the children's home, for those who have visited!)



At the same time we will start our other works like pipeline, motor room, tank, wall of the well and all.

10 July: We appointed 15 people to dig the land round the fence inside (2½ feet depth) to put all the “PVC Pipes” inside the land. Day and night the work is going on. Tomorrow it will be finished hopefully.

pipes12 July: We have purchased 62 pvc 2½ inch pipes along with I and L bends. One pipe length is 20 feet. We have chosen quality pipes for long life. These pipes will disappear in the pits probably tomorrow.

connection15 July: Good work. It is going fast. We have buried all the PVC pipes in the particular land around the well. 14 connections here and there showing their heads. It is easy to pump the water round the land and we can open any of the 14 gate valves to get water for the specific area. Also it is easy to pump it to the storage tank. Easy to reach the plants in that area.

16 July: We are happy to inform you all that today we have purchased the bricks, sand and cement bags for starting the construction. You can expect some photos with improvements in a couple of days!

20 July: We finished the side-boring inside the well yesterday midnight. Fantastic result. Good yield. Lots of water. Men couldn’t work. We have operated the motor all the day and night to pump out the water for  continuing the work. We have crossed the estimated cost for this but fortunately we get good water. well3
well1 well2



26 July: This evening I felt very happy when I was sitting on the new wall of our “well”. Really it is a good process, and all within a week.

Building the wall around, plastering the wall…… is really a risky job.  Precautionary steps had to be made for the workers safety. Lot of workers rendered their services to finish the project.

There is a good amount of water and it's also tasty. Lucky children.

When all the works had been finished, I want to take all our kids near the well. Kindly wait for that photograph. Thank you so much for sponsoring this great project.

motor_room_start 18 August: The motor room is getting ready close to the well. Today the third load of bricks reached our place. We are bringing the bricks by a lorry. In a load we can bring 3,000 bricks (one brick 2 inches).
crops_start19 August: A part of the land is getting ready for cultivating some vegetables. The patches in the photos were taken today.

Tomatoes, brinjals, greens, bananas, pumpkins are coming up now.

6 September: Plastering the wall of the motor room near the well had been finished. The roof sheets should be fixed. Tank should be constructed.

Paper work regarding the “free electricity” is in process.  It will be finished in 2 weeks time, hopefully.

Part of the land has been arranged for cultivation. Now tomatoes have been planted.and about 50 coconut trees are coming up around the land.

During October rain will start and that will be the time for all the plants and trees to come up fast. So in the nest 5 months we can expect a big change in the land.

7 October: Works had been stopped because of rain. We are having good yield in the well. A part of the land had been developed and today we have ploughed the remaining land. This will be good for the sand to take the rain water in and the ground level water will increase.

After a long run we are about to receive all the certificates from the officers to apply for free electricity. Hopefully before 18th of October we will pay the deposit amount for the electricity.




ChildrenTractor ChildrenLand2 ChildrenLand
ThanksBanner 22 Oct: Kindly see the change in the land.
Part of the land has been arranged for agriculture.
Lots of tomatoes and bringals have been cultivated.
We plough the land with a tractor.
Maize and corn have been sowed.
Children go round the land to see the process.
Kids safely taken to the well to see it.
Thanking the “support group”.
People working to develop the land by carrying cow dung to the coconut saplings.
ThiruChildren ChildrenWell ChildrenWell2

27 Oct: We have harvested tomatoes in the children home “agri land”. They have a good taste because of natural manure.

The gardener also sent some to our house.  Even our parrot certified that the taste is good!

tomatoes CrossingField
tomatoesParrot 28 Nov: We are happy to inform you all that we have successfully cultivated tomatoes in our children home. We are selling tomatoes twice a week in the market.
It is because of deepening the well, preparing the land, fixing pipes and the interest of our staff.
14 Dec: A long time! After a long process, hurdles and unexpected difficulties we have almost reached the final stage in the free electricity connection. We have finished the revenue department formalities and the survey department formalities. Today we submitted the papers to the electricity department. Probably we will pay the money on the coming Monday. It has been a lengthy process which we have not even imagined. Thank you so much and don’t mistake me or the situation in India with the officers.  
3 Jan: We are continuously trying to pay the money for the free electricity service but as the state election are coming in 3 months the officers are not doing this work! They have been allocated to some other works in that division. But we are trying our level best.
We have planted brinjal, banana, tomato and beans in our children home. Cultivation is going on. Rain is not sufficient, particularly in our area. In some other places there has been a lot of flooding, deaths, missing and so on.
The children are fine with your blessings.
17 May: Yesterday a new state government was formed and this morning at 10 o'clock we approached the Electricity board to registering our children home for the “free service”. I think they will receive the registration fee within a week. We have tried a lot. I always worried that you should not mistake us regarding the delay.  

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