Blood DonationBlood donation continues to be a very high priority.
• The 'One-tree-one-student' project


Thirumaran has been organising Blood Donation Camps since 1987

and these images are of his 3007th camp. Amazing!
A Blood Camp is a gathering of people, often in the name of a person or an organisation, to give blood and thus to save lives.
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Thirumaran has been a leading inspiration in Tree Planting in Tamil Nadu

In association with IWSF (International 'We Serve' Foundation) and as part of the H. E. Dr. Abdul Kalam Livable Planet Earth Mission, Thirumaran has been coordinating the planting of over 40,000 Tree Saplings in many parts of Tamil Nadu.
40,000 students who have planted 40,000+ tree saplings and resolved to nurture them from now on have received 'FRESH OXYGEN GENERATOR' Certificates.
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