OpeningGroupSuperstar Rajinikanth's brother honoured the occasion.

This hostel for older boys, no longer able to stay in the Children's Home but still at College and in need of care, was built with the financial support of many of our UK Support Group.

The World for 18+ project started in 2019 and the early stages are documented here.
The pandemic intervened...
The Girls' Hostel was finished first and provided a safe retreat for the girls whose colleges closed because of covid.
Now the Boys' Hostel is opened, completing this important project for boys who are at college.

There were nine guests invited to honour the occasion of the opening, and the chief guest was the elder brother of super film star Rajinikanth, Sri R Sathyanarayana Rao Gaikwad.

Coconut and Neem saplings have been planted in the fenced compound along with a drip irrigation system - the first such system at TRUST!

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