PreparingForTrees2It has been raining in January this year, providing opportunities...

It is also warm at this time of year. A good time for growth. A maize crop has been planted which will provide food for the children and for the cows.

The boys have been planting trees

- just a bare branch into a hole in the ground will take root and grow.
Water is a critical resource and it can be seriously dry and very hot in May. It is important to make good use of the good growing weather now.

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TRUST Children's Homes don't suffer floods during the monsoon. They are sheltered from the SW monsoon (which floods Kerala) by a range of hills. They escape the monsoon on the E side of India (which can flood Chennai and, eventually, Bangladesh) as they are some way inland.
But avoiding monsoons also means that they can be seriously short of water during the dry seasons!

Borehole for Boys 18+ Hostel

With help from UK supporters a borehole has been drilled to provide water for the Boys' 18+ Hostel
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Completion of the Hostel has been delayed by the covid pandemic but it's hoped that it will be finally finished and occupied early in 2022!