COVID_testing_girlsTesting discovered COVID amongst the girls.

The girls with the virus were taken to a local 'COVID Centre' where they were very well looked after and assessed. Happily none of them showed serious symptoms and they returned to isolation at the Girls Home. The girls Sick Room and the larger Girls 18+ Hostel have both been useful as isolation spaces.

Testing did not reveal the virus amongst the boys.

Other news in brief with pictures (below):

  • There have been no covid deaths in the local village (Vengadampatty), although several in nearby villages and many in the nearby towns.
  • A new female calf was born at the boys home. The children enjoy their animals and the cows provide valuable milk!
  • It has been the mango season - TRUST is self sufficient in these fruit - and the children have been enjoying lots of them!
  • Some more work towards completion of the Boys18+ Hostel has been possible when strict lockdowns haven't been in place. The completed Girls Hostel has been very useful during the pandemic.
  • TRUST has supported 'palm tree climbers' with a machine to help them climb for coconuts.
  • There was some exceptionally strong wind in July that blew down the cowshed at the girls home. Happily the cows were not hurt.
  • The TRUST Free Ambulance is no longer roadworthy - can you help replace it? More info here.

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