Boys_locked_inThe Children's Homes gates are closed and locked - it's like a prison

...but it keeps the children safe.  None of the regular sponsors can come and share meals with the children.
This lockdown has been in place throughout May; towards the end of the month the restrictions became even more severe, with shops and markets completely closed.
Thirumaran has special permission to go out for TRUST welfare. The shop keepers have been wonderful in helping the Children's Homes.

The children and Thirumaran's family are safe but covid has come very close towards the end of May - sixty ill people from a nearby village were taken away in ten ambulances and there have been deaths amongst villagers and others known to Thirumaran and his family.

It is a challenge to keep the children happy with no visitors allowed. Some diversions are shown in the picture gallery!

  • A pair of scissors and the enthusiasm of older boys has provided haircuts for the youngsters when barbers are not allowed in the compound
  • Some heads have been shaved, hoping for good new hair growth!
  • The children enjoy bananas. They are grown at TRUST Children Home and this has been an excellent year for them. There is a special effort to look after the soil with natural manure.
  • Both boys and girls have practised the south Indian Martial Art of Silambam. There's a boy's group in the picture gallery.

Sufficient water continues to be a challenge at this hot and dry time of year.
This year the well at the Girls' Home has provided enough water but there has been a severe shortage at the Boys' Home - perhaps deepening their well and providing a new bore hole will help when work like that is once again possible. But this is expensive!

Coconuts are a staple of south Indian cooking and the coconut trees at the Children Home have provided enough fruits for the last three years. It's now very rare for it to be necessary to buy them.
As well as banana trees there are also papaya trees providing more and more fruit and there is some cultivation of other vegetable possible - but that can only happen at times of year when there is rain.
Special grass is grown for the cows and the cows provide most of the milk needed.

It's good to see that not all food has to be purchased in the market!

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