CambridgeBloodDonation5Blood Donation is a vital part of Thirumaran's mission through TRUST.

Thirumaran's mother died for lack of available blood transfusion when he was a teenager and encouraging blood donation and awareness of its importance has been an important part of his life's work.  He has donated an extraordinary amount of blood himself, has started Blood Donation Clubs and regularly arranges Blood Donation Camps to enable others to become part of this work.

While visiting us in the UK last summer, Thirumaran was able to visit and talk with the International Development Team at the NHS Blood Transfusion Service about the success of his blood donation gatherings in the name of a school or a well known celebrity.

December 2018 saw several such camps, including one in the name of Rajinikanth (a well known Tamil film star) and at the Cambridge International School in a nearby town where the pupils learnt about the importance of blood donation and many parents came and donated blood. Others were held in the village at the Community College and at TRUST-INDIA school.  In March 2019 there was blood donation by guests at a wedding.

"Saving Lives" is the prime motto of TRUST.

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