BoysCuttingRibbonInaugurated in April 2019.

Since the Children's Home began in 2005 all communal activities - meals, meetings, homework, play etc - have taken place in the original Bell Hall - built with support from one of the original sponsoring families.

Some pressure from the supervising authorities has now led to the building of a separate room in which the community will eat their meals. This has been partly funded by our UK Support Group and support from the STAR Health Insurance Company has enabled the size of the Dining Hall to be increased.  Its size will be 22m x 20m.

The new build began in November 2018 and was inaugurated on Good Friday, 19th April, by the TRUST Boys and Girls.

The pictures show the early stages of construction:
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  • DiningHall_girls_on_wall
  • DininhHall_materials
  • DiningHall_building
  • DiningHallOutside

and these show the completed building as it was inaugurated by the TRUST Boys and Girls:

  • DiningHallEntrance
  • Inauguration_withShanthi
  • LookingOut_through_doors
  • GirlsCuttingRibbon
  • Inaugurated_byTRUSTchildren
  • Support_notice

Please click on any photo to see larger versions