Thirumaran-with-umbrellaRain in October is relied on to provide a supply of water for the next year.

Welcome to the news that this rain has arrived and after a severe drought the wells are filling up at last! Hopefully the ground water levels will also begin to rise so that the bore holes will also provide a better supply.  The wells are both wells and big storage tanks (36 ft square and 50 ft deep).  Thanks to the STAR Health Insurance Company for arranging pipes to collect the water from the roofs to 'harvest' the water that falls and store it in the wells/tanks.

Harvested-rainwaterIn the UK we take taps with 'always on' water for granted.  It requires some thought to understand the reality of severe shortage of water for months on end. This present rain, filling up the wells at the Children's Home (girls) and at the Boys' Home, is the supply for a year - with a small top-up, in a good year, at the end of May.


Boys-watching-from-stageIn addition to the day to day needs of the children for drinking, cooking and washing, rain gives the possibility of growing food.  As soon as the rains started a tractor and driver was hired to prepare the ground at both Homes. The plan is to grow maize for the children and for the cows as well as pumpkins, bottle gourds, bitter gourds, snake gourds, tomato and chillies.  While there is water for next few months many things will grow. The boys, in particular, are very interested in looking after the plants and trees.  Everyone should know about farming and agriculture.

Preparing-ground-inside-the-Boys-Home   Boys-on-tractor-by-well
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And an outing was organised for all 80 children to a fantastic location by the river Tamiraparani, an hour's drive away, with a chance for a picnic and for the children to swim! Hattie & Tilly accompanied the children and the sub collector as well as environmental scientists were invited to make the occasion more special and to give a demonstration of vermiculture (the cultivation of earthworms, especially in order to use them to convert organic waste into fertilizer).  The TRUST family had a wonderful time; an unforgettable evening!

  • Girls-enjoying-the-river
  • Boys-enjoying-the-river

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