Flood relief, Solar Panels presented to Tribal families, inauguration of a new Sick Room and Store and a new small vehicle.

Flood Relief Works
The floods in Kerala are unprecedented and there is a great deal of suffering.  Relief works and donations of water, food, dress material and blankets have been collected and sent through the government works initiated by the District Collector as well as through the Tirunelveli Press Club. Organisation of support continues and will be needed for some time.

At the same time as the floods in Kerala there is drought at the Children's Homes in Vengadampatti. The rain falls to the west of the hills, over Kerala, and the Children's Homes are in a rain shadow.  There is very little water in the wells at the homes so that it's necessary to purchase water for the children. Read more...

  • Flood Relief - Tirunelveli Press Club
  • Flood Relief - water

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Solar Panels for Tribal People 
Solar Panels for Tribal FamiliesMany significant people including Sri.R.Sathyanarayana Rao, the blood brother of the film superstar Mr.Rajinikant, Sri.K.M.Nadarajan, the Gandhian leader from Madurai (age 85), Ar.V.Ponraj, the scientific Advisor of APJ.Abdul Kalam the former president of India, Sri. Krishnaji Rao Pawer and Sri.V.Vivekanandan attended a special event at TRUST Children's Homes.

Presenting a Solar Lighting PackA solar panel, a battery, a bulb and a tube light were given to 160 tribal families living in the Western Ghat, Tirunelveli District.  The money was raised by Dr Viji and wonderful people in the USA. He then sent the money to TRUST to help the Kaani Tribal people.

A lot of tribal men and women, including old age people, walked to TRUST to receive the solar items in person. They had to cross the flooded Thamiraparani river. They walked from their homes in the “Tiger Project Forest” which is a half an hour drive from TRUST Children Home, about 20 km.

Presenting Books for Kalam Home LibraryOn the same day, the plan of the We Serve organization, opening “Kalam Home Libraries” in 60 students’ houses was also inaugurated.

Sixty students each received 10 books with a total worth of 60 thousand rupees. Sixty students along with their parents from various parts came to TRUST to receive the books.

Awards were distributed and guests were crowned. The programme moved meaningfully and the lives of 160 Kaani Tribal families and 60 students have been lightened and brightened.

Speeches and presentationGood speeches made by R.S.N.Rao, K.M.Nadarajan, V.Ponraj, V.Vivekanandan and others. Madurai Balu helped to distribute the solar lamps, awards and books. It is a pride for TRUST having such a wonderful and memorable meaningful event sponsored by IWSF (International 'We Serve' Foundation) and supporting Humanitarians. We thank every one for this.


Sick Room at TRUST Children Home
In memory of his wife, Dr Mabi (a lovely and service minded doctor from Verona, Italy, who passed away in an accident), Mr Marco with the Mabi for Children organisation have built a Sick Room at TRUST Children Home.

The project was initiated by TRUST 'brother' Mr Francesco and opened on August 12th by Mr Sathyanarayana Rao Gaikwad (elder brother of the Tamil film star Rajinikanth). Many remarkable people, scientists, rural public, children and service minded people came to honour the inauguration.

This sick room is just for sick girls. It will be an opportunity to separate the sick girls and children along with a residential warden, to care for them and feed them specially.  There are three beds in a spacious room with an attached toilet.

Thanks from Thirumaran and TRUST children to the Mabi For Children organization. With special thanks to Mr Marco, Mr Francesco, Simonetta and Alberto for this wonderful support. August 12th will be an unforgettable day for TRUST family too.

  • Inaugurating the new Sick Room
  • Girls visiting the new Sick Room


Store Room at TRUST Children Home
Raj TV, a Tamil satellite television station, raised around half the money required to build a protected store room to keep our stores (rice bags, dhal, sugar, vegetables etc) safe from rats, mice, squirrels and insects.

TRUST provided the rest of the money to complete the project. There is good ventilation, enough space and the store is close to the kitchen. A lot of sayings and quotations (both in Tamil and English) have been put on the wall.

Thanks to the Raj Television Team and the people who donated money for this.  Members of the public and students assembled in large numbers. for the inauguration ceremony.  Food was cooked for for 800 happy people!

  • She:he who follows another is always behind
  • Opening the new Store Room


Maruthi Omni Van
This is really a great present for TRUST Children.

Thanks a lot to the generosity of Mr Radhakrishnan and Mr Sundaresan for presenting this van. Mr Radhakrishnan was working for Google and the company matched his donation. Our UK Support Group was also able to help in a small way with the costs to get the van on the road. The van is ready to serve the kids during sickness and emergencies.  It's an 8 seater van but two sick children, lying down, can be carried comfortably. 

  • Omni Van
  • Omni-Van

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