RajTV stage and audienceRaj TV has raised money to build a store room at the Children's Home.

Thirumaran reports: "Raj TV, which is a satellite channel popular in 143 countries, raised 59,000 rupees for TRUST Children's Home. It happened on 15th of July, 2018. We didn’t received the money directly. We asked for a borehole or water tank vehicle or a store room. As the money was not sufficient for the first two we went for constructing a store room near the kitchen. It will cost Rs 1 lakh and the rest of the money will be spent by us. The foundation work is in process. A supply of stones for the foundation is our part as we have a lot of stones from deepening the well. The store room is very important as we have to protect the vegetables, fruits, rice bags, dhal and other grocery from rats and squirrels.

"On 15th I made a speech on the stage. All our children had been invited. We went with chappathi packets. It was held in Courtalam (the 'water falls' town).

"Our kids will be shown every Sunday morning from 10.30 am to 11 am for about 8 weeks (Raj TV AKADA VIKADAM)."

  • Stone for the foundations of the store
  • Preparing for the store room foundations

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