TRUST AmbulanceThanks to Gillingham School pupils for their fund-raising efforts.

There has been a Free Ambulance service provided by TRUST since this vehicle was donated in 2003.

For twelve years it made regular trips around sixteen local villages to take poor, sick and old people to the government hospital for treatment and then return them to their village.  There have also been emergency trips for heart attacks, snake bites, complications in childbirth, sudden illness and other problems.

Around 4000 people from the local communities benefitted from the TRUST Ambulance Service during twelve years of operation.

Fund raising by pupils of Gillingham School in Dorset has enabled the ambulance to be repaired and returned to service.  Thank you!

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  • TRUST Ambulance, with school pupils and UK visitor
  • TRUST Ambulance
  • TRUST Ambulance
  • TRUST Ambulance