Growth after some rain2017 saw an extended and serious drought.
At the start of November, rain had begun to transform the fields.

Thirumaran reported: "The 2017 drought had taken away 35 coconut trees. They were all giving coconuts for cooking at TRUST Children Home (the girls' home). So without these, for another 4 or 5 years we will have to go to market and purchase coconuts. It was sad to lose all the trees without water. We bought water by tankers to serve the children but couldn’t save the trees.

Replacement coconut saplingsNowadays Agriculture and plantation becomes like gambling. Yesterday i went a long drive to Kanyakumari (the southern tip of India) in our Bolero to buy coconut saplings. I bought 40 saplings and the Bolero boldly and happily accepted all.

The children helped me to unload them and today we planted all the 35 in the same place where the trees lost the last breathing.

At TRUST Boys Home there was less problem. The well at the campus supported them. There the loss is less - only 4 trees died.

But at the girls' campus oh! No words to tell the sadness. The elder girls after returning from their schools around 6 p.m by cycling and sweating there will be no water. Sometimes they will be waiting for me with a tanker until 10 – 11 o'clock in night. Then they will wash their uniforms for wearing the next day. I am really happy with our children because they even never showed me their difficulties. Through those difficult times we gave priority for cooking, drinking, washing the vessels and toilet usage. Difficult time.

Now it is raining in Chennai with a lot of flooding. But as we are all near the Western Ghats (high hills), Kerala State is getting good rain and for us it is just just drizzling.
Anyway our children should live in this world for 100 years to see the developments, upliftments, wonders and cheerfulness. And we are all running, planning, thinking and dreaming for their goodness.

Growth after some rainCereals, corn Maize – it is all in our everyday usage. In the evenings after returning back from school, children have black tea with snacks, biscuits, fried rice, peas, cereals, pulses or corn. Every day the menu differs. This year we grow a variety of cereals at our Children Home backyard on the barren land that exists at both the homes. I planted the seeds days before expecting the rainfall. Now it is coming up successfully and we can store the produce for months. We never use any fertilizers or any company chemicals or manures for doing agriculture. So the taste will be good.

Thanks to the supporters to do this “Green Wonder” by making bore holes and deepening the well.

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