29 states, 6400 castes, 1618 languages, 6 religions, 29 major festivals – one country. That is India.

  • Boys enjoying oranges
  • Gifts for the girls
  • Cooking special food
  • Boys playing with cap guns
  • A special meal
  • Boys enjoying oranges

Thirumaran reports: "We celebrated Deepavali at TRUST Children's Homes in a grand way with the support of a lot of well-wishers.
There were new clothes, three special meals, sweet bags, cracker boxes, shoes, bath towels, soap cakes, nail polish, clips, underclothes, hair oil, talcum powder – we surprised the children in all ways.
Sweets and savouries were prepared on the campus itself. It was really a wonder for our children.
A music orchestra played.
My old students and their friends were very much involved in this Deepavali celebration.
We invited government officials and a judge to join the celebration with us.
The children decorated the campus with good involvement.
We are especially thankful to Mr. Sundaresan for extending his great support on 18.10.2017."

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