JeyakantWhat happens to TRUSTchildren when they become adults?

Future life opportunities often depend on education and when children at TRUST Children's Homes leave school they are encouraged and supported into further training or further education.  Different routes suit children with different abilities.

Both boys and girls have studied at Polytechnic or University to reach degree standard and find well paid employment. One such young man is now an expert in generator maintenance and is off to Saudi to work there - the first TRUST boy to travel abroad!  Others (boys and girls) are currently studying at this level.

Other, less academic, boys have trained on a government ITI (Industrial Training Institute) programme, giving them a practical qualification to take to the workplace.  Two boys have recently been found training places with a big international engineering employer in Chennai.

A number of the older girls have studied the DHA (District Health Assistant) course available at the TRUST Community College in the village. They have found employment as nurses in private hospitals.

One girl was married from TRUST and several others are also married now, having returned to their extended families.