Two girlsThere is great water shortage in the village but thanks to generous support this year and last the Children's Homes have some water. The children are fine.

This is the time of year when it is very dry in this part of India. It's unlikely to rain until the end of October. Even the river water to the villages has failed and village women are approaching houses that have bore holes to get some drinking water.

Well at the Boys' Home, Sept 2016At the Boys' Home there is still plenty of water in the well that was dug in 2014. The picture shows the well now, with its substantial protective wall. Many thanks are due to everyone whose support made this possible.

At the Children's Home, where the girls live, support from friends at the Church of St Mary with St Alban in Teddington (London) enabled a new bore hole to be sunk this year. Local friends have provided a serviceable second-hand pump and water pipes so that the girls have water too. Very many thanks for the support that made this possible.

Support from St Mary with St Alban, Teddington Support for the bore hole from SMWSA


  • Solar panel project supported by STAR Health InsuranceThe Solar panels are working well and reducing the electricity bills - many thanks to the STAR Health Insurance company for providing them.
  • Pumpkin seeds have been planted. They need water, but only a small amount each day and the plants should be ready for planting out around the new bore hole area when the rain arrives. There should eventually be a good crop that will last for many months.
  • Coconut trees need more water and tankers of water have to be purchased for these. But the trees planted over three years ago are now bearing fruit. Coconut is an important part of many recipes in south India. It's important to look after this asset.
  • Sadly, with no water there's no grass and therefore no hay, so one of the cows has had to be sold.

Opening of the new Boys' DormitoryThe new dormitory at the Boys' Home is super and is being enjoyed. It was opened in September by one of our Support Group trustees who was visiting with a friend. Again, very many thanks to everyone who has made this possible. It has given further security to the boys at the home.

These two visitors painted a mural at the Children's Home, as did the family from St Mary with St Alban who visited a week or so earlier. Children from TRUST prepared the walls and applied the primer coat. The visitors, with lots of help from a very skilful Nannan (Thirumaran's son) and support from TRUST children, designed and painted the pictures. Other visitors in the past have made similar contributions and they really brighten up the homes. The paintings are greatly appreciated.

Tree of hands mural TRUST Children Group Photo Sept 2016 Elephant mural 

Please click on any image to see larger versions of them all

Bolero vehicle - unloading vegetablesFinally... the Bolero vehicle purchased for TRUST last year has been enormously valued for the regular heavy loads of vegetables needed to feed the eighty children plus staff each day, as well as for transporting children and staff safely and securely. Thirumaran is very grateful for the security and reliability of this new vehicle.