Pongal - rice boiled in milkPongal
- the Tamil Harvest Festival

Jan 14, 15 and 16, 2016 was “Pongal Fest”.  Pongal is a harvest festival and the most important and popular Hindu festival in Tamil Nadu.

There was lots of sugarcane, new clothes, special breakfast, tasty lunch, good dinner, and the preparation of Pongal dish in open ground. We are thankful to Mr. Palanikumar’s for his support and Hari Chandra Raja’s last minute help.

The girls who are now in the Polytechnic College Hostel and children who are working away from the Children's Home returned for the celebration. Banu (the girl who got married from TRUST Children home) and her husband were presented with new clothes.

There was lots of fun including polished nails, flowers on heads, chewing tough sugarcane, skipping and letting off the crackers left over from Diwali!

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  • Pongal - rice boiled in milk
  • Pongal - girls with sugar cane
  • New clothes for Pongal
  • Pongal - boys with sugar cane
  • Pongal - girls with sugar cane
  • Pongal - small boys with sugar cane

The ban on Jallikattu (a traditional 'bull taming' sport) didn’t affect us but it affects the area around Madurai.

So the festivals and celebrations of Diwali, Christmas, New Year and Pongal are over for another year.  Time to relax!!