Chennai Flood ReliefMany people have supported TRUST, Thirumaran and his friends in providing and delivering relief...

The rains and floods in the UK meant that we heard very little about these recent floods.
Thirumaran reports (slightly edited): "In Chennai and Kadalur there was a lot of damage and deaths. 5 lakh  (500,000) people left Chennai and a further 5 lakh are about to move. More than 1 lakh people lost their houses. Every where water. Rain! Rain! Rain!

"As we did during the Gurajat Earthquake, the Armenian (Russia) Earthquake, the Himachal flood and the Nepal Earthquake, we organised help and sent it to Chennai and Kadalur. The experience we gained during Tsunami relief, rescue and rehabilitation works (R3) was so helpful during our flood relief works.

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"Today we sent one lorry full of blankets, rice, soap, clothes (saree, lungi, dhoti), biscuits, snacks, milk powder, ropes, mats, mosquito coils, drinking water, packed food, napkins and medicine.

"A great many people offered support: Film star Rajinikant fans, students , Gandhians, youngsters, volunteers, rich people, retired teachers, doctors, house wives, schools and every one supported “TRUST”.  TRUST – INDIA, the small school children also raised things for relief works.

"We found houseless people, children with tears missing their parents and parents missing children, death of senior citizens and lot of incidents bringing tears.
People were surrounded by water but there is no drinking water. So pathetic!

"Our second trip to Kadalur and Chennai is on Saturday (12th Dec, 2015) and our plan is to get to interior villages affected by flood.

"Hunger, no shelter, no clothes, cool weather, diseases spreading quickly, mosquito problem, crops damaged in flood, no milk, cattles missing, no electricity, failure of mobile phone networks, damaged roads, people run here and there for treatment, no access for ambulance or other vehicles, transport stopped (air, train, road), schools closed, no money in ATMS... the list will go long.

"I remember the English rhyme 'Rain rain go away – come again another day.........' "