Thirumaran in front of sick roomThe Chicken Pox epidemic earlier this year emphasised the need for a space where children who were unwell could be cared for.

Now, with the generous and timely support of friends from Italy, it has been possible to build a small room.  It is next to the Raj Stage, between the stage and the toilet block. The building is finished and it awaits door, windows, painting, electricity, plumbing, fan, beds, furniture and a tap connection! There is also an attached toilet.

At the start of 2015 almost all the children caught Chicken Pox. It was really a terrible time for our children and we managed the situation with the help and care of our staff. This situation put a strong seed in our mind to create a separate place for the sick children. With a “Sick Room” the sick children can be cared for there and there will be a chance for them to rest without any disturbances. Also the elder girls can use the space as a resting place two or three days in a month.

  • Building the sick room
  • Thirumaran in front of sick room
  • Completed sick room building
  • Foundations for sick room

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Thirumaran writes: "Many years ago I met a wonderful, quiet, gentle lady doctor (Italian) and I call her “Doctor Madam”. Even though they do not understand English and I do not understand Italian, the great language “LOVE” connects us and made us understand each other. Tragically, she met with a road accident and passed away leaving her wonderful children and husband (Mr.Marco) (I never met him before) in distress. Mr.Francesco, my Italian brother, connects both the sides and the situations. We are enormously grateful to Mr.Marco, the husband of the doctor, who raised some money and helped TRUST Children Home to construct this “SICK ROOM”. We are hoping the "Good hearted people" will open the building in about June 2016."