Cutting the cake10 years celebration of “TRUST Children Home” starts with bananas!

Thirumaran writes: "Normally a child will take one or two bananas as per our food menu. But for a whole week we have supplied “bananas and bananas” at the campus, at our house and along with their regular food. Some children surprisingly took even 35 bananas (Boys!) at a time.
I run with bananas and they tried to escape from me and the huge bananas. Lot of fun everytime.
The children finished 2,000 bananas during the week and they supplied the skin to the cattle (A feast to the animals we love).
I hope you will enjoy the photos and join us in this fun!"
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  • Thirumarn distributes bananas
  • Fun with bananas
  • Boys enjoying bananas
  • Girls with hands of bananas
  • Thiru and Shanthi with bananas
  • Small boy and lots of bananas

"June 26, 2015 was a special day for our TRUST family.
We have celebrated the “TRUST 10 YEARS”

We have opened a small water tank in front of the “Bell Hall” next to the ground (Northern side) in between 2 coconut trees.
Dr.Thiruvan, a wonderful man, opened the tank, spent time with the children, brought snacks for kids and served them to the children. Some of the volunteers know him as he is the correspondent of Spectrum Matriculation Higher Secondary School, where I served as a Principal years ago.

We had planned to invite 168 children but invited only 100. There was “Group Clash” going on in the coastal area among the fishermen. So we couldn’t bring lot of Tsunami children for this occasion. (Maybe in the 25th year!).

The whole day the routine food had been stopped and we arranged different food items for all the 3 times. During lunch sandwich, omelette, chappathi, coke, curd rice, mango pickle, murukku (the crispy one), cakes, bananas and jack fruit were served.

The kids cut a cake saying “TRUST 10 YEARS” and it was cut into 100 pieces.

Shanthi, Aaekalaivan and Nannan arranged small gifts for children. (toys, earrings, bangles, boxes, pistol, cubes etc)

We brought Thanga Lakshmi (the sick girl) from hospital and we controlled the tears falling down and tried to make her happy, listen to us, giving good feeling by touching her and talking to her. She couldn’t talk and she couldn’t respond. Recently she lost her front teeth by falling down. She will shake her body now and then because of nervousness.

There were new clothes for all the children and for the wonderful staff too. Banupriya, the former warden, couldn’t come as she met with an accident having some injuries.

A huge banner kept outside announcing the “10 years” and we all had a group photo together.

A trip to courtalam (the water falls) had been arranged for the children and they enjoyed by taking a bath in the water falls. During June & July we always have a good climate, drizzling and sometimes sudden flood in the water falls.

We remember the supporting hands and fingers whenever we were in trouble. I remember the days after the Tsunami discussing about helping the helpless children with Dr.Claudia, Mrs.Eileen, Mr.Rosanna and my New Zealand brother Mr.Jago, his partner Mrs.Cassie and Chiara. The shape comes only by sharing my feelings and ideas with some one listening to me.

I remember the times with Dr.Rebecca, Dr.Rosanna, Dr.Claudia and Chiara Biasini discussing a lot about helping the helpless children. Listening to me, reporting to their parents and friends and then coming back to me makes my dream true.

After the Tsunami we started the children home all of a sudden at “Eileen Claudia Hall” and in the year 2007 buildings and amenities were made permanently at our present campus. The first building and the first bore hole with a hand pump are the roots for this project. I thank them Mr Angus and Chiara for this on behalf of everyone.

In the year 2007, Edward, Patrick, Harry, Daniel, Michael, Christine, Mrs.Daniela, Mr.Massimiliano, Mr.Silvio, Dr.Furqan, Mr.Kevin, Mrs.Tamara, Viola, Lauro and Kamil visited TRUST Children Home and good changes came in this period.

When I started the project it was my project and now it is everyone’s project. I take this opportunity to thank everyone caring for our children from miles away.

I close my mail with an appeal: Please come and see 'your' children when time permits. Thanks.
Please enjoy the photos"
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  • Making sandwiches
  • Sharing the cake
  • Cutting the cake
  • Gifts of new clothes
  • Small gifts
  • Making sandwiches
  • Cutting the cake
  • 10 Year group photo
  • Celebrations

Further June News

  • We have added 3 bunk beds (with space for 9 boys) for TRUST BOYS’ Home and 5 beds (10 small kids can sleep by putting the beds together) for TRUST Children Home.
  • We have purchased some new bicycles for the older boys and girls to get to school.
  • There are new fans for the Children's Homes. This year more than two thousand people died in India because of hot sun and more than thousand in Andra Pradesh state which is next to Tamilnadu state. It has been very hot!
  • New children (both boys and girls) have been admitted to both homes.
  • Two puppies (Raja and Rani) are at TRUST BOYS’ Home.
  • The CWC (Child Welfare Committee) examined all the children and found them healthy and happy.
  • There is a new Television for the Boys’ Home as the previous one got destroyed by the lightning.
  • Schools started for all our children on 3rd June, 2015. New school bags for the start of the academic year make the children very happy.
  • Elder Malathi is now in her final year Polytechnic College, younger Malathi has finished her Nursing Diploma and has now started working in a hospital, elder Yesu got a seat in college to study for B.Sc, Thanga Pushpam is in Polytechnic College and Uma joined her in Polytechnic college.