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We have collected lot of materials yesterday (30th April, 2015) for Nepal victims.

Rice bags, milk powder, pain balm, school bags, footwear, biscuits, dates fruit, sugar, tea powder, dress materials had been collected. We have made a rally at Tirunelveli city (started from Tirunelveli Railway station) and the role of our TRUST Children, school students, public and media people, superb.

Work is going on. Today (May 1, 2015) our work is continuing......... thanks for everyone for taking our messages with much patience.
Thirumaran, reporting from Tamilnadu, India.


May Day Greetings!
In the national television and local televisions my interview about the “Nepal Tragedy and Earth Quake relief work” had been telecasted. Printed media too supported well. Lot of news today! I have scanned and sent a few.

Nepal Relief - Newspaper   Nepal Relief - Newspaper

Today we have divided the team into two to collect the things to send to Nepal.
Lots of phone calls. People are collecting things and calling us to collect from them. I have never wondered or been surprised by the humanity the world has because the majority of the people are still with strong living human sympathy.
Thank you!


From Thirumaran:
Magnanimous Personalities

We would like to thank the good minded, sympathetic people who supported our TRUST through the UK Support Group to help the victims of Nepal in time.

Locally DAVAO Medical University, gandhian people, doctors, textile shop owners, women folk, philanthropists and middle class people supported us with the needed things to send it to Nepal.

No doubt our TRUST Children Home did a major role. The important thing is we never collected money only things to send. It is a successful operation. 47 bundles 585.5Kilograms weight. The actual value of the things is Rs 1,73,910.

Nepal Relief Parcels  Nepal Relief Parcels
A prayer went on for the Nepalese.
Once again thanks for everyone.



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