Free ElectricityIt's taken almost five years, but it's arrived at last!

Five years ago Kat and Allie (at that time Vet students) ran the Paris marathon and raised a substantial sum to support the TRUST Children's Home.

The money was used to dig a well at the Children's Home deeper and to pay a deposit to support the application for the provision of free electricity for agricultural purposes.

The well has provided water for all these five years and there are trees as well as vegetables growing - now the free electricity supply has finally been connected.  (Bureaucracy can be  little slow!)

Thirumaran switches on the Thirumaran writes: "We have good news to share with you. We got “Free Electricity” for “TRUST Children Home” because of having a well in the garden. I remember the help of volunteers, friends, well wishers and respectable personalities who helped us in every stage to dig the well, build the wall around it and pay the deposit for “Tamilnadu Electricity Board”. This electricity connection is absolutely for agriculture purpose. Just one light on the electric pole.  I thank everyone who helped us for this.

"Now the dream becomes true. We are planning fix a door for the motor room.  If we appoint one full time person, we can develop a lot for the children in this land. We can grow vegetables and also have more cattle for milk. Let us see what is going to happen.

"People who supported us years before for this project may even forget, but we never forget anything. I bow my head on behalf of our children for this support."

You can read the original articles about the use of the money raised by clicking here.

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