TV programme - Thirumaran on stage with the new children Reports from Thirumaran about new children admitted, official approval for the home, bicycles purchased with UK Support Group help, the drought continues but the well reaches 50 feet deep, hair cutting 'self-help' and a TV programme!

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The entrance to the Boys' Home29 May: Ten new admissions at TRUST Children Home and one at TRUST BOYS’ Home. But 5 of our boys will be shifted to TRUST BOYS’ Home as they are 10 years old now. A pitiable case: in drunken mood a fellow had killed his own wife and 4 of the children are helpless. No house and the father is in prison. He should be in jail from 8 years to 13 years. This is life imprisonment in India. Actually I had planned to help one or two in that family but I find all four are genuine to get our help. So we admitted all four, one at the Boys' Home and three at the Children's Home. I am sure Mr. Ralph, the sponsor of the TRUST BOYS HOME BUILDING, will be happy of these steps and measures.

New TRUST children from a tragic situationThe officer from the prison came to meet the children and he wants to show the picture of the children, our campus and me. He is going to show it to the father in Palayamkottai central prison. This can reduce the depression of the man and he can spend this time a little bit tension free in the prison.

30 May: Good news! We got approval for our Children's Home yesterday. Really it is a milestone in our work. The permission is for only 50 children. They have given time for us till May 2015 to have additional buildings for office, counselling room, sick room and store room. I am happy sir! Today I shared my happiness with our children. Tomorrow we are planning to cook some sweet for them.

New bicycles to get to school - provided by UK Support Group7 June: Thank you for all the support. This time we bought some new bicycles for the boys and girls with the financial support of “UK Support Group”. Kindly thank the people for this great help. New children, increased strength, and campus full of children, especially at the Boys’ Home. The children are happy.

Water is still a big problem. And today I noticed at the boys’ home that I have failed to engage all the boys in different ways. We have to improve the entertainment side. Swings and slides are the only way and immediate solution. Then we are planning to submit an application for getting free electricity for the well at Boys’ Home and this time we do not need a deposit at this initial stage. We just have to pay some departmental expenses, then we can apply it and we can wait for 2 years.

Descending into the well at the Boys' Home1 July: Today we have measured the well. It is 50 feet deep. The digger is not ready to continue because of the money is pending from our side. He has to pay wages for the workers every Saturday evening. Till this date we have paid him Rs 10 lakhs (about £10,000) for his work. The money we have to pay him is 15 lakh, 96 thousand (almost 16 lakh). So the balance is almost 6 lakhs.

Presentation to the well diggers - at the bottom of the wellToday I have arranged new clothes for all the workers and the digger as they have completed the first phase work successfully without any accidents, injuries, or any other problems. All the 9 people felt happy with the new clothes. (A pair of trousers and a shirt each.)

Now we have to build a wall around the well. It is very important. Soil erosion can be there. Rain water can enter in by carrying the soil. And the wall is an important safely measure!
Side bore holes should then be made to get water. As there is a big drought everywhere in our area, we couldn’t find any water, but there are symptoms of small yield now. So this is the present position sir. Going for 60 feet can be after finishing this wall and bore hole.

On 2nd July we are planning to submit the proposal for TRUST Boys’ Home for government approval. We have completed getting no objection certificates and approvals from the fire dept, health dept, civil dept and Revenue department. Now we have to submit the proposal to the child protection dept.

This is also the day for staff salary increment. Yes, they all expect some increment every year.

Haircuts - breaking away from caste5 July: We Become Saloon People! In India we have separate people for laundry (washing) and hair cutting (saloon). You may wonder - it all comes under the caste system. Not all people will do this work. Especially the “Forward Community” never go for this even if they are under poverty line.
We planned to introduce this at our children's homes. We try to cut, trim and correct the hair of small boys. Elder girls (Pushpalatha, Bharathi) are having interest in doing this as a help. I too joined them because a lot of money is spent on this every month. It is just a trial and we believe to do this perfectly in future!

16 July: The situation here is very difficult for me. Paying II year fees for Tamil Aruvi, getting admission for Aaekalaivan in college, Nannan’s school fees and then the expenditures for 75 children makes me a little bit upset because with all the routine and additional expenditures, the water problem sits in the throne. For the past 3-4 years I have never experienced such a big expenditure for water. Lot of money for water purchasing. Then unbelievable prices for all the things: rice, vegetables, oil, cooking gas, petrol, grocery, firewood, electricity, school fees, dress materials ………. Everything went high. Sir, we have to find some new way to manage everything and for the next one year without any valuable reasons we should not have any additional intake. I believe and wait everyday that new doors will be open.

TV programme - TRUST children watching the show3 Aug
: Television Programme.  RAJ TV, a national channel as well as popular in 148 countries (Tamil channel) invited me for a programme. Then they invited our children to view the television programme. As a surprise, they took 4 children onto the stage (children’s father in prison and mother had been killed - see above, 29 May) and focused on the tragedy. Then another surprise, they invited all the 75 children to the stage and focused on the running of the children's homes. In 10 minutes they raised 1 lakh rupees and tried to compel me to receive the money. I refused and asked them to do some project at the home. Everyone praised the situation which I have not compromised myself for that money even we are in financial difficulties.
Now an open auditorium had been built by them at TRUST Children's Home (just the platform). It is nice and so useful too. We can encourage the children to dance, speak, stage some programmes and develop their inborn skills and talents.
And the programme is going to be telecasted for 8 weeks and the plan of the “Programme Executives” is to popularize the Children's Home.

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A    A    Descending into the well at the Boys' Home   Games in the May heat

Games in the May heat   Games in the May heat   Games in the May heat   Haircuts - breaking away from caste

Haircuts - breaking away from caste   New bicycles to get to school - provided by UK Support Group   New bicycles to get to school - provided by UK Support Group   The well at the Boys' Home - 50 feet down

TV programme - Thirumaran on stage   TV programme - TRUST children watching the show   TV programme - Thirumaran on stage with the new children