staff members discussing the future of the children's homes

A brief report and photos of the children and of a meeting of all the TRUST staff.

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Thirumaran writes:

Uma, preparing a welcome notice• Photo: Uma, preparing a welcome notice for the family who is coming to sponsor a lunch for our children on the fall of a “death anniversary” of an old family member.

Muppudathi, • Photo: Muppudathi, at “TRUST BOYS’ Home”, catching a small bird painting sitting on an elephant painting made by our wonderful volunteers at the colourful dinning hall. Thanks to the volunteers and the remarkable sponsor of the building.

Posing with a scare crow!
• Photo: The boys are trying to make, to create something new according to their ideas. Recently just with a stick, an empty box, some hay and a shirt they have prepared a funny thing and posing infront of it. Can we call it as “Hay Man” or “Scare Crow”?

Digging the well• Photo: Digging the well at TRUST BOYS’ Home is going on. A lot of “blue rocks” is the present result! A lot of rain in USA, UK, Italy and most of the west. No rain here. A big drought.

Digging the wellTwo days back I was talking with our gardener, Mookkan and he is 76 now. He was telling me that in his life time, he never experienced this kind of drought and dry condition. No rain fall. All the wells, ponds dams and reservoirs have failed. No water. This year we have to run for water. Sad!

staff members discussing the future of the children's homes• Photo: We organized a meeting for our staff members to plan for the future of both the children homes and their ongoing activities. The warder, local mother, deputy wardens, supervisors, care takers, cooks, gardener, watchmen and scavengers attended the meeting. We honoured them for their wonderful work.

The meeting discussed record keeping, documentation accounting, purchase, stock, reporting to the government, preparing periodical reports, permissions, thanks giving, inviting local sponsors, sending greetings, caring for the children carefully, follow-ups, school visits, co ordination, commands, requests amongst other things. It was actually a review meeting and planning for the future.

Thirumaran receiving an award• Photo: I received “GEM OF INDIA” award on 12th “Gandhi Museum, Madurai” (please do not take it as a serious one!!).