Dental checkupThirumaran reporting: On Sunday 22-9-2013 we invited a Dentist, Harichandra Raja, to have a check up and counseling for our children. He had visited both the homes.

How to brush? How many times to brush? The importance of brushing in the night, cleaning the tongue, the way of caring the teeth and everything he explained to our children. The children listened to him carefully. The wonder is he certified that all the children are having good teeth and very good awareness. Only 14 of the children are having cavity and bad teeth. In the next one week time we have to take steps and measures for this problem and then they can have good and free smiles. Mere food, dress, education, snacks, stay, exercises, trainings, treatments during sickness are not enough for the children. These kind of basic awareness, check ups with make their “lives bright”, their tooth too……
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  • Dental checkup
  • Dental checkup
  • Dental checkup

1st camp at the “Bell Hall” and the 2nd camp at “Helena’s Bench”, the Sit and Smile Area. The children were supplied with new brushes, paste tubes and biscuits.
Good Sunday!
Good Time!

Now we are caring the children with “minimum guarantee” and one day they may get the “maximum guarantee” - with all your supports and blessings the children are fine at
“TRUST Children Home”