Education.. education.. education..

Thirumaran writes (edited from several emails)"Three girls and one boy have just passed their +2 examinations and can now go on to higher studies.

If any of our “like minded well wishers” are willing to help the children for higher education, that will be great.

"They have to get admission in Colleges or Polytechnic Colleges or in Technical Schools. In govt. colleges the seats are allotted by total marks, cut off marks, caste etc. Our children scored only “moderate marks” in the examination. So it is not possible to get a seat in a government Engineering college. So I have to put them in private colleges. Getting a seat in a private Engineering college we need at least one lakh (about £1200) for admission and 4 lakh rupees for 4 years. To join in a polytechnic college we need 60,000 rupees (about £715) for admission and 25,000 (about £300) per semester (6 semesters, 3 years).

"We've got application in Polytechnic College for two girls (Malathi & Mari) and an application for the third girl (Thangalakshmi) in Arts College. The boy (Kanagaraj) may join in a College or ITI. Let us see what is going to happen in their lives.
"This is the first time that four children are stepping to higher studies. It is a good time for the elder children. I am happy to support their future. I don’t have anything in my hand. My palms are empty and all the 10 fingers are healthy. At any cost I have to give my shoulders for these children."

Kanagaraj and KarthikUpdate 11/8/13: "Kanagaraj and Karthik this year joined in ITI. It is 2 year Technical course. The classes start tomorrow. But presently they are both getting training in motor winding, motor repair, fan repair etc by assisting a private technician."

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