Cow with calf
A cow for the Children Home - Long Dream Becoming True!


Thirumaran writes: "When I was a small boy I had goats and cows. My mother late Mrs Margaret Radhabai supported me. I loved to feed them, care for them and wash them. Then after my mother’s demise, my grand mother lived with me (still living and now she is 109 (DOB 1904)) by caring for a lot of buffaloes, goats and all. My wife was also interested to have cows in our house and I don’t know how everything disappeared. When I visited Scotland I really enjoyed my time with Mr Angus and his cattle and recalled my childhood days with goats and cows.

"For the past eight years I forget to think about keeping cattle because of lack of time. Till 24th Feb, 2013 we are giving our children tea with milk in the morning and black tea in the evening. Everyday I will be thinking of giving a tumbler full of milk to every kid in the night before going to bed. Now my dream becomes true. For the past 3 days every boy and girl at our children home started taking milk. Yes! We bought a cow for the children home.

"I really feel like an achievement. I am happy with this. A lady is caring for the cow and its calf. Also we have 3 goats. The cow is giving 4 +3 litres of milk. Also we never stopped buying the routine milk from out side for tea. Let us see how it is going to work!"


Cow with calf

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