New Boys' HomeGreetings to all!

A seed while growing makes no sound. But a tree while falling makes a huge noise.
“Destruction is noisy” ... “Creation is always quiet”.
Yes! “TRUST BOYS’ HOME” has been created quietly.

We have finished building “TRUST BOYS’ HOME” for the boys who are above 10. The existing “TRUST Children Home” is towards the south from our house at Vengadampatty and “TRUST BOYS’ HOME” is towards the east.

Mr Ralph (an English actor) and his wife Mrs Belinda (also an actress) helped us through TRUSTchildren Support Group UK to create this wonderful building for the helpless boys. The main building had been finsished.
Toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, water, playthings, play ground, compound wall must now be arranged. Only then can we bring our boys in and admit new helpless boys. Staff structure, cooking, basic facilities, amenities must be be arranged. Big challenge!

Thank you so much for each and every one encouraging, supporting, guiding and motivating me “to run in the track”. I believe “motivation” is “life food” for mind and I cannot get enough in one sitting. It happens only because of your continual and regular “top ups”. I cannot forget the year 2012 because I was able to care for our loving kids, give them education, food, stay and everything - only because of “your support”. It is you! Yes!

Our sincere thanks to supporting families, volunteers, students, church members, respectable elders, senior citizens, friends, brother and sisters organization, support group and everyone who put their energy, time and money.
Happy New Year (2013) May Health and Peace be with you all.
Long  live,
Principal Servant
TRUST Children Home
Vengadampatty, India

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