Thirumaran writes:
"Greetings to you all. We are very keen to celebrate the birthdays of our children.

We know the birth dates of some of our kids and the others’ birthdays have been decided by taking them to dentists.
Sometime people come with sweets, cakes & candles to celebrate their children’s birthdays at our children home.
It is good! No doubt!
But when one of our children starts thinking of its birthday celebration that may be a disappointment for the child. So we would like to celebrate every child’s birthday. And we are not going to start the celebration until we get 43 supporting good minded people for celebrating every child’s birthday. Wearing a new colourful dress and going to school, distributing sweets to the classmates, friends and teachers will certainly make a change in a child’s life.
Good mood! Happy and making happy!
And at our children home the other children will talk about their birthdays, count the days and it will be an important celebration for them.
Let us wait until we get 43 families or individuals who come forward for making these children happy.
Long live
Kind regards
Principal servant


Birth day celebration
TRUST Children

Celebration makes changes!

Good minded people, Families, Volunteers, Students, Senior citizens, Organizations, Churches, Companies, Schools, Colleges, Universities
………. And anyone with “living human sympathy” can support our children.
Long live

Needed for the celebration
New dress for the child, Cake, Candles, A feast for our children, Balloons, A small gift.

Total Estimate
5,000 rupees
In Pounds 66

Reporting will be done to the person or the family supporting us to celebrate a child or children’s birthday with photos. This can also be done through the UK Support Group.

Principal servant


How you can help through the UK Support Group:
 Just contact us through the Contact Us form on this website to say that you would like to help and we'll get back to you...