Handball netThe main building is now complete and work is proceeding to complete kitchen and toilets. This article has reports and images from the foundation stage to the present.

The separate site for the older boys (recently required by the local social services) has been made possible by a very generous gift from a UK supporter. A plot of land in the village has been purchased and building work has begun.


28 Sept, Thirumaran writes: "The building work is going quickly. Yesterday we dug a huge pit for septic tank (drainage) with a JCB. This pit is going towards the eastern side of the bore hole. This tank, toilets and bath rooms should be in the east of the bore hole so that it won’t affect the bore hole in future.

"Everyday 25 to 40 people are working in the construction spot.
As it is quarterly exam holidays, the kids are happy to work. The reason for their enthusiasm is 'it is their home'.

10 Oct, Thirumaran writes: "I have enclosed a few photos to show the development of the building. We hope to finish the building within Christmas (2012).

"We have labour shortage. So we are arranging some “women workers” from distant places. Still there is water problem. The sceptic tank had been concreted 2 days before. The photos which I have sent will explain you the present position.

18 October - the latest four pictures show the walls are now up to roof height.

15 November - I've just returned from a visit to TRUST and the pictures of the reinforced concrete being poured for the roof of the building were taken on 15 Nov.  There were over 50 workers on site that day, 2 concrete mixers and all the concrete carried up in 'basins' on the heads of the workers. There's still lots to do but progress is excellent.


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28 December -  Thirumaran writes: "The main building had been finished. The existing “TRUST Children Home” is towards the south from our house at Vengadampatty and “TRUST BOYS’ HOME” is towards the east.  Mr Ralph (an English actor) and his wife Mrs Belinda (also an actress) helped us through TRUSTchildren Support Group UK to create this wonderful building for the helpless boys. 

"We now have to arrange for Toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, water, playthings, play ground and a compound wall. Only then can we bring our boys in and admit new helpless boys. Staff structure, cooking, basic facilities, amenities must now be arranged. Big challenge!"
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  • New Boys' Home
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  • New Boys' Home
  • New Boys' Home
  • New Boys' Home
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March 2013: Thirumaran writes: "The toilet & bathroom construction work is going on. Regarding the kitchen we have finished the concrete belt following the foundation. Big water scarcity! We are buying water for construction.
"And flooring the terrace of the Boys Home is going on. Tiles are being fixed on the top to protect the building from leakages.
"Yes! The compound wall is very important. But we can start it, finish it in a particular area and proceed it whenever we have money.  I can ask another 2 or 3 months time if we have started it.
"We are planting 1500 Neem (Margosa) plants and Teak plants at TRUST BOYS’ HOME and this work was started yesterday (21st Feb, 2013). We have grown maize little bit and planning to buy a cow for our children home. I don’t know how this is going to work. Let us see!
"Water points have been fixed in a particular area. This should be done for the whole land later to develop the trees. Water will be the main thing for the kids to be happy in the campus. Presently we tried drawing water from the bore hole with a hired single phase motor and we have to buy a new one quickly. Yesterday we have started the process to apply for “three phase” electricity.

"Big scarcity! Rain fall fails! The ground water level is going down. Even at TRUST Children Home there is only 2 feet of water in the well. We don’t know how we are going to manage. One thing we have to go for another bore hole at the boys’ home quickly. Today I went round the existing huge pit at the boys’ home campus. Why can’t we make it as a well? Even if we don’t find good yield of water, it can serve us as a tank or we can go for a side borehole or we can store the rain water for usage. It is a huge pit. This way we can utilize the existing facility."



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