DSCF4322Another new experience in Vengadampatty! The Maestro Orchestra from Chennai visited the TUST Children Home and entertained the children and their school friends and classmates.

Thirumaran writes: "This is to report that we have organized an orchestra at “TRUST Children Home” campus for making the kids happy. It is the first time in the Children Home history we have organized such a “Music Night”. It happened on Tuesday 18-9-2012. The MAESTRO ORCHESTRA from Chennai came and did this for our children. They did it in a free way and we just faced their travel, stage, sound system, generator expenses. But it is a wonderful experience.

Our children enjoyed the night. Manoj, Thilakan, danced for songs without any stage fear. Malathi, Uma, Pushpalatha sang a “film song” by explaining their future. Sheela, Anjali, Viji, Devika, Narayana vadivu (Narniya) staged a dance for their music. The orchestra people presented money for the young performers.

The programme continued till midnight. We made wall posters to invite the public and invitations’ to invite the school friends and classmates of our kids. (We did this before when Jago and Cassie organized Heartprints - a photographic project few years before).

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“3 Grand Essentials” to happiness in this life are “something to do, something to love and something to hope for”. Yes! It is true!