dengue2Thirumaran writes: "There has been an outbreak of "Dengi fever" in the last 10 days especially in our Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu state and 46 people, mostly small children and infants, have died.

There is no preventive medicine for Dengi fever. Mosquitoes spread this dreadful disease. These mosquitoes lay their eggs only in “river water” not in bore well water.

We are caring for our children carefully, taking them to hospital immediately if there is any sickness and we follow that up closely.

dengue1The important thing is that our “elder girls” from TRUST Children Home, Uma Maheswari, M.Malathi, K.Malathi, Thanga lakshmi, Bharathi, T.Mari, Pushpalatha, Thanga Pushpam and 2 boys (Arunachala Eswaran, Rajavaithilingam) went for “Dengue awareness and preventive measures” along with our Children Home staff by taking our “TRUST Ambulance”. They have visited each and every house in 120 villages around Vengadampatty assisting the government doctors, health inspectors and staff of Primary Health Centres, cleaning the water tanks, spreading the news, creating awareness among the rural public and explaining the “Dengi deaths”.  Our children worked a lot.  A British volunteer Miss.Beatrice accompanied us in our services.

It's a crucial time!