doctorThirumaran writes: "A successful medical checkup has been finished for all the kids at our children home on 6th of May, 2012 (Sunday). Dr.M.Rajan M.B.B.S helped us with this.

We took all our children in our ambulance as well as our maruthi van to Pavoorchatram which is a developing town, 10 kilometres from our village. Two British volunteers who are with us helped to make the medical checkup camp a successful one.

The children's height, weight, blood pressure, eyes, teeth, abdomen, breathing and pulse were examined by the doctor. He took near about 5 hours to examine all our children.

He gave wonderful tips and guidance for the girls, especially the elder ones. Five of our kids are having tonsils and it is to be operated in a year time. This is sad but we are going to start treating them with tablets. Let us see the result. One boy has a problem with his eyes. That should be treated by taking him to an eye specialist.

The good news is that no child is “anaemic”. This is due to our good food and care. Credit goes to our staff and cook for this.

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