Mr Rathnam, a close friend and employee at TRUST has passed away. He was a lovely man who always had a smile for visitors, and will be sadly missed. 


mr rathnamThirumaran writes: "Our ambulance driver Mr. Rathnam died yesterday (27/1/2012) and today we finished the funeral. He was 51. A good and honest man. Poor, having one wife and 2 children (a boy doing his third year engineering and a girl studying tenth standard).

I feel as loosing one of my fingers because of his demise. We knew each other for the past 35 years. He is also a blood donor (A+ve) and donated blood 5 times in his life. I still remember, in the year 1988, I went with him to Tirunelveli medical college hospital, Palayamkottai, as an escorting staff for blood donation. Yesterday he died in the same hospital. He is a Hindu and his wife and children are Christians."