Another coastal disaster for the fishing communities of south east India...

Thirumaran writes: Dear all!
You might have heard about the recent “Thane Cyclone” that attacked the coastal areas of North Tamilnadu and Pondicherry states. The strong cyclone washed away houses, roofs, highways, trees, shops, towers, sheds, huts and everything.

Compared to the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami the casualty is very much less. According to the government statement 60 were killed and near about 1000 people badly injured. But the loss is more than 5500 crores. It doesn’t happen during Tsunami, the giant wave.

30 children were left parentless and now they are all under the care of the government.

Thousands of people are with traumatic experiences in nearby district hospitals. Thousands of people are suffering without their houses, clothing and household things.

We made a survey and now we want to help the suffering human beings there. We are not financially sound but raised some money, collected new sarees, dhoties, pants, blankets, and gowns, half trousers from good minded people and textile shops. We seen members’ team is moving to the coast on Tuesday with 3 big vehicles loaded with things. We are happy to give our small and tiny fingers to the needy and suffering there.

In the second phase we want to supply them cooking vessels, rice, kerosene, match boxes, grocery, soap cakes, sleeping mats, more dresses, school bags for children, note books for students, pen pencils, footwear and whatever they need and whatever we can.

Rescue works had been finished. Now recovery and rehabilitation works should reach the suffering community. We are also planning to purchase palm leaves to make some thatched roofs as a stop gap arrangement for the affected fishermen community living close to the sea.

I personally talked with Mr.N.Rengasamy, the chief minister of Pondicherry who is a man of simplicity and with clean hands. He is happy with our small support for the people living there with tears, wounds and pain.

As you know we don’t have connection with any funding agencies or I am not good in computer to find such organizations to “shout for help”. Starting my humanitarian works with empty hands!

Anyway I am trying my level best to help the people alive there with much avid. Bless me to succeed in my assignments and duties. Kindly send your waves and thoughts and reduce the travail of the “thane victims”.

Often my mother will say… “the secret of life is not in what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you”……….. and I am preceding my works.

Thank you so much for sharing my feelings. Long live.
Principal Servant
TRUST Children Home
Tamilnadu * India