Thirumaran writes: "It is raining now. We are cultivating vegetables and caring for the coconut trees with natural manure and leaves of the unwanted trees.

The work has been going on for the past 15 days. We ploughed the whole land with a tractor. We spent some money worthily and I am satisfied with the money spent on it. We bought cow dung and transferred it to our children home land with tractor.

A good news and I am sure it will make you happy. The process for getting free electricity had been finished and 75% of the work completed (I mean paperwork, drawings, certificate from village administrative officer, patta from Tashildar and all). Shanthi signed all the papers with the electricity board this Tuesday. We are expecting their orders to pay the deposit.

The water level in our “well” increased. We have also overhauled the motors last week. It is an unforeseen expenditure but necessary.

ChildrenThe children are fine. Our little “Esther” is fine and happy. Spending my time with her now and then is really lovely and thrilling. She is just two and a half years old.

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Every day I think about you and your support and thank you."