COVID_testing_girlsTesting discovered COVID amongst the girls.

TRUST AmbulanceSadly, the TRUST Ambulance is finally too old to be repaired.

Boys_locked_inThe Children's Homes gates are closed and locked - it's like a prison

PHOTO-2021-03-01-08-56-35 2News items from covid times - the image is of solar lanterns donated to tribal people

Girls_filling_bottlesfor TRUST Children and
Local Women

ChristmasGiftChristmas & Pongal Gifts and Celebrations

PHOTO-2020-11-28-11-34-35 2An exciting new way to study?!


20201114_205843A taste of the Deepavali celebration at TRUST Girls' Home.

SAM_457458,000 books fit into a 40 foot container!

BoysGroupWithCalfGood news in coronavirus time! A calf has been born...