Entrance to Boys' Home - new tap in shade on the rightAt last Thirumaran has succeeded in getting a public tap connection for TRUST Boys’ Home.

This is a real milestone in support of the children. The connection will provide a limited amount of river water to the Home to supplement what is available from the well and bore holes.  Water flows for a short period each day and each boy can collect a pot of water. This is good for drinking, cooking and washing.

The possibility of this connection has been discussed by the panchayat (elected village governing body) for some time without permission for the connection being granted.  But there is no elected panchayat body at the moment and the special officer and Block Development Officer took measures on the basis of an order of the CWC (Child Welfare Committee).

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Digging the trench for the water pipe  Helping with the pipes for the water connection  Closeup of new water tap  Group of boys by the new water tap

TRUST had to pay for the pipes to join the Boys' Home to the village supply but this is a very real step towards greater sustainability.

A wonderful harvest of pumpkinsAnd at the Children's Home (where the girls live) water, from the bore hole made possible by donations from the Church of St Mary with St Alban in Teddington last August, has enabled a very good harvest of pumpkins.  They can be stored and used during the next three months.