Extra dormitory space is now being built at the Boys' Home. Grateful thanks to the supporters who have made this possible.

The local authorities said there was only enough dormitory space for 25 boys and that they wouln't allow more than this number to continue to live there.

The quote to build a new dormitory was 11,63,000 Rs/- (about £12,000). Existing donors (thank you!) have enabled us to find around half of this sum and building has begun.

Happily, there are enough funds to build a space big enough to avoid having to send any of the current children away.  But it would be very good to be able to build the planned full size room.

If you can help or if you know someone, or a charitable trust, who might be able to help, please tell them about TRUST Children !
Here's a link to our How to Support page and you can email a link to this page by clicking the icon at the top.

These pictures (at the end of April) are of the builder measuring out the space for the building, with the help of a line of children:
The builder and children marking out the new dormitory  The children marking out the new dormitory  The builder and children marking out the new dormitory

And a few weeks later the foundations have been dug and the first stage of the concrete poured:
New dormitory: trench for foundations  New dormitory: trench for foundations  Foundations for new dormitory

By 20th June, the foundations were complete and the walls built:
Walls of the new dormitory  Walls of the new dormitory  Walls of new dormitory from above

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