Well - almost finished, end JulyThis major costly project will provide water for growing crops and for the boys to wash.

A generous donation from a charitable trust enabled digging to start in December 2013.

By April 2014 there was a big hole 45ft deep - still dry because of a serious drought.

The money ran out in June 2014 by which time the depth had reached 50ft. Happily, further generous support enabled digging to continue and the building of a security wall to be started.

Good rains arrived in the autumn of 2014 and the well filled with water.  But the security wall building had to stop because of lack of funds.

Further generous support in 2015 has enabled the outstanding debts to the well diggers and the builder to be settled and the final stages of building restarted.

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11 June: We settled the money balance for the builder and he restarted the eastern side wall of the well. The builder is a nice man. So he do some plastering work with the other 3 sides and make the walls strong. (please see the photo above)

Well_midJuly  Well_midJuly

10 July: The photos show you the walls finished on northern and western sides, southern side incomplete and eastern side coming up.

Well - almost finished, end July  Well - almost finished, end July

30 July: The walls around the well, especially the southern side finished. We are getting on with the work quickly.

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There is a report and pictures of earlier stages of the work here